Ensuring your reusable packaging always delivers

Extending the true lifespan of your reusable packaging is important to ensure that it is commercially viable.  But it’s not just the integrity of the equipment itself – and the products it carries – that are at risk. Damaged plastic packaging can mean lost production, downtime, plant repair costs and critically, health and safety issues.


It’s why having routine inspect and repair processes in place is so important.

PSE’s packaging inspection and plastic repair service will ensure that every piece of plastic packaging you place in your delivery system is up to the task.








replacement costs


health and safety issues

Our packaging inspection and repair  services

Tailored to meet your specific business and sector needs, our packaging inspection and plastic repair services will protect your products, processes and reputation.

Packaging inspection

Packaging inspection ensures your reusable packaging has the integrity to protect products and survive the challenges of the supply chain. Conducted by an inspection specialist, we have a rigorous checklist that can be used as your starting point and easily adapted to meet your requirements or specifications.

Plastic repair

A fully flexible service ensuring every piece of plastic packaging in your delivery system is up to the task. We are happy to fix problems identified in our packaging inspection service, or to provide a repair only service. Crate repairs, dolav repairs, pallet repairs - we can repair all types of plastic packaging. Crucially, we’ll always ensure it doesn’t just protect the product it’s carrying, but also doesn’t damage conveyors, causing downtime in production, or create health and safety issues.

Recycling service

Recovering and regenerating products and materials at the end of their service life is important for keeping resources in use for as long as possible. It’s why we offer a full 360° service for your reusable packaging. As well as the wash, inspection and plastic repair service, should your plastic packaging be damaged beyond economical repair, we can take “parts” from it to facilitate future repairs.

Whatever is left of your reusable packaging and scrapped items we can then chip and compound the material. Your new replacement equipment will then be made from the material from your original plastic packaging.

Label removal

How your plastic pallets and crates look reflects your reputation and the quality of service you deliver. It’s why we provide a routine label removal service as part of our wash and  inspect services. We can also offer this service for standalone bulk deliveries to ensure your plastic pallets and crates always look good. This is an optional service.

Whatever your requirement, we can help. Contact us on 015242 61978.

Inspection checklist – our guidelines

We will build and tailor a packaging inspection checklist to meet the specific needs of your sector (find out how we support your sector) and we’ll follow the guidelines you set to ensure the required standards you have to comply with are adhered to.

Tailored services for all types of reusable packaging

We know every business is different which is why we offer a comprehensive, wash, repair and inspection service, covering all types of reusable packaging. 

If you don't see the service you're looking for below, please get in contact, we're sure we can help.

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