Maintenance key to getting the most from reusable packaging

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Over the past five years, reusable transit packaging (RTP) has seen a significant increase in popularity, thanks to its significant environmental, cost and hygiene benefits. However, if not treated with respect and maintained properly, it can prove to be a costly decision for businesses.

As converting to reusable packaging can represent a major investment for organisations, especially SMEs, it pays to keep it well maintained. That’s why Packaging Services Europe (PSE), the UK’s leading provider of wash, inspect and repair services for plastic pallets, crates and folding large containers, has developed its services to support companies in their transition to reusable packaging.

As part of the transition to reusable packaging, key dynamics such as asset longevity are paramount as part of the return on investment debate. Therefore, capturing damage and wear as early as possible is vital before the reusable packaging sustains catastrophic failure.

At PSE we are able to wash, inspect and repair reusable packaging. If it is unable to be repaired, we can take parts from damaged equipment which is beyond repair to use in the refurbishment of other units and finally, should all else fail, we can recycle the plastic to be returned to the original equipment manufacturer.

Speaking of the checklist, Andrew Parkinson, co-founder of PSE, said: “For many businesses, thinking about reusable packaging ends with the initial purchase. However, to ensure you are getting the return on investment assumed at the outset, it’s crucial to remember to keep the packaging well maintained.

“In the same way that MOTs are a crucial part of owning a car, we’d like to see reusable packaging owners regularly inspecting their assets – making sure they’re getting the most out of their investment.”